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Milan Vucicevic joins RK Kolubara

← Previous Story VELUX EHF CL: Metalurg, Partizan, HSV, Dinamo and Constanta completed elite! Next Story → RK Partizan wants to play EHF CL matches in Nis! Milan VucicevicRK KolubaraRK Metalurg After losing contract with RK Metalurg Skopje, Serbian right back, Milan Vucicevic (34) has decided to go back to Serbia and his former team – RK Kolubara. Vucicevic has rich international experience, but Macedonian champion wasn’t satisfied with his performance in the last two months.Vucicevic came to Skopje from Kolubara. Kolubara is Serbian champion from season 2009/2010, currently fifth team of Serbian handball. read more

Carlos Ortega after Russians I am not satisfied with attack

← Previous Story Wacker Thun wins first point in Skopje – PSG storm over Minsk Next Story → SG Flensburg wins in Denmark – THW Kiel beat Wisla Plock! Hungarian TOP team MKB MVM Veszprem had no problem against Russian best side Sankt Petersburg 29:20. After the match, the Spanish coach on the Hungarian bench, Antonio Carlos Ortega was satisfied with only some parts of his team’s performance:– Our defence was good, but I’m not satisfied with the attacks. It makes me happy that everybody could play. The Champions League will continue in February after the European Championship. We hope that all players will come back from Denmark without injury.Timuzsin Schuch – MKB-MVM’s line player:– We are still 100% in the Champions Laegue. Our defence was very strong and Nándor Fazekas gave us a stabil base. I want to congratulate Patrik Ligetvári who is only 17 years old and played in his first CL match and of course Gergő Iváncsik who was the best scorer with 6 goals in his 32nd birthday.Dmitrij Torgovanov – St Petersburg HC’s head coach:– There isn’t so many teams in the world who can win in Veszprém Aréna. It was a good experience for my team to play here in a fantastic atmosphere. We made too many mistakes and couldn’t be creative enough against a stronge defence which is directed by the world’s best defense player, Timuzsin Schuch. I congratulate Veszprém, and I am sure that they will be among the bests this year.FROM VESZPREMVIRAG FARKAS read more

Mohamed Mokrani finds new team after seven years

algeria handballMohamed Mokrani ← Previous Story THW Kiel sign Brazilian wunderkind Ferreira! Next Story → Twelve teams want “Wild-Card” for EHF Champions League 2015/2016! Algerian NT captain Mohamed Mokrani (34) ended his part of the career in the former French champion US Dunkerque. The new team of the experienced line-player will be US Creteil, the team from the capital who had a good season after they got back to the LNH last summer.Mokrani was a member of Algerian squad at Qatar 2015, but the reigning African champions had poor performance in Doha, finishing competition on the last 24th place. read more

THW Kiel beat FC Barcelona Lassa in warmup clash at Lanxess Arena

Not more than 6.500 fans witnessed an early derby match of THW Kiel and FC Barcelona Lassa in preparation period at Lanxess Arena in Cologne. The place famous for VELUX EHF Champions League Final4 which making from the city on Rhein the most desired handball place in the world, will stay in good memory of “Zebras” who won 35:29 (18:14).THW Kiel: Landin (ab 31. Min./7 saves), Wolff (1.-30., 10/2 saves); Firnhaber (3), Weinhold (3), Dissinger (1), Ekberg (2/1), Zeitz (1), Frend Öfors (2), Rahmel (3), Dahmke (5), Zarabec (3/1), Vujin (4), Bilyk (5), Nilsson (2)FC Barcelona: Perez de Vargas (1.-30., 5 saves, 1 goal), Ristovski (ab 31., 4 saves); Tomas (5), Entrerrios (2), Sorhaindo, Arino, Rivera (4/2), N’Guessan (3), Syprzak, Hernandez, Dolenec (1/1), Mem (7), Morros, Lenne (3/1), Jallouz (2), Gomez (1/1) ← Previous Story STRUGA 2017: Besiktas Mogaz and Chartres for the trophy Next Story → 11 YEARS WITH SG FLENSBURG: Thomas Mogensen goes to Skjern read more

Column Why are so many people dismayed by honesty and so few

first_imgTHE GREATEST RESPECT we can offer to John Murray, Conor Cusack, Marian Keys, Adam Clayton – and many more courageous public figures talking about their struggle with depression – is to start thinking differently and behaving differently about mental health.I know what its like to feel anxiety to the point where I cannot breathe. I don’t suffer from depression, I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress; but just like depression it impacts on every aspect of my life.My illness evolved from a personal circumstance, from which at first I had a mental breakdown, and was ultimately diagnosed as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I lived a wonderful privileged life, loved my family, friends and dogs. I would wake up every day feeling confident, happy, chilled and just enjoying the day that was in it. I always worked and played hard with my husband and friends. Then, one day, my life was turned on its head and now I don’t know what peace of mind is.PTSD has redefined my lifePost Traumatic Stress, the killer of joy, has redefined my life and that of my husband and family. Most of our friends have distanced themselves from not just me, but my husband. To be fair, while I had normally been very social, I stopped wanting to be with anyone but my husband or a couple of very close friends. I often felt disoriented, forgetting where, or who, I was. I would panic on certain roads walking to work and was not able to talk on the phone.I was admitted to St Edmundsbury Hospital last New Year’s Eve for my safety, I had taken an overdose on a couple of occasions and the danger was the next time I would not be so lucky. I lay in the bed on New Year’s Eve and did not understand how I had gotten there. I am very lucky that I was in a position to access top psychiatric and psychotherapeutic support, without which I know I would not be here today. They guided me to the light at the end of the dark tunnel with care, patience, understanding and mostly no judgement.At least I understand where my illness comes from, and that there is a process I have to go through to recover. I also know that I will recover. In the most extraordinary way, I was relieved when I was told I had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and not depression. Depression can just arrive into your life one day, but at least in my case it relates to an identifiable circumstance in my life.Friends questioned my need to be openMy way of coping was to be honest and open about my state of mind and life. I expressed my distress, fear, and desolation in poetry. Poetry continues to play a very important part in my recovery. The extraordinary aspect to this was how many friends questioned and challenged my need to be open and honest about my life – they believed I should keep it private.I am in my early 50s and had never suffered from any mental health illness before in my life; it could happen to any one of those people who place a stigma on mental health. It’s daunting how many people are dismayed by honesty and how few by pretence. And this is the stigma we need to break down, the secrecy behind mental health.Finally, I went to an extraordinary wellness workshop run by Suicide or Survive and heard the ancient Cherokee Indian story of the Wolf of Hope and the Wolf of Despair. It says that, if each day you feed your ‘wolf of hope’ then you can have a peaceful quality of life you want – but it’s tough as the ‘wolf of despair’ is always there waiting in the shadows, where the negative thoughts feed it and it gets fatter and fatter.This is the way Caroline, the founder of Suicide or Survive, told her story and it resonated with me so strongly. As you continue to feed the wolf of despair you need to look around for your wolf of hope and pull it back in to feed. Feed it all the things that are good at that moment in your day and remember that you could feel better at any stage, so keep feeding the wolf of hope and you will make that change happen.Patricia Tsouris is a Greek-Irish businesswoman with expertise in the emerging contemporary art market and the Co-Founder & Head of Innovation at She is a mother, dog lover, and traveller, with a passion for photography, poetry and politics and fashion. Suicide or Survive is an Irish charity focused on breaking down the stigmas associated with mental health issues and ensuring that those affected have access to quality recovery services that are right for the individual. Find out more at RTE presenter John Murray talks frankly about his depressionRead: “I was thinking of killing myself 24 hours a day,” – Irish personalities talk aboutColumn: Facing the fear – over half our population drinks in a high-risk waydepressionlast_img read more

How poitín went from illegal moonshine to being sold in Tesco

first_imgA few people have said that real poitín has to be illegal, but we’ve been trying to them how it’s distilled and properly made. HERE ARE THREE things you may not have known about poitín.One: It is one of the most strongly alcoholic drinks on the planet.  Homemade poitín can be anywhere between 50 and 90 per cent alcohol by volume (just to put that in context, an average beer is around 4 to 6 per cent and whiskey is roughly 40 per cent). Two: The first record of it is from the 6th century but it was illegal in Ireland for 300 years and was only legalised in 1997.And three: purists may not like it but poitín is shedding its reputation as illegal moonshine and is for sale (legally) in shops and pubs around the country, where it is becoming increasingly popular with a whole new generation of drinkers.“Everyone has a story about poitín. Everybody does” says Gary Gartland of Coomara Irish Spirits.For a lot of people, poitín has certain connotations. Homemade. Kept on a shelf in a house to be taken out occasionally. Highly, highly alcoholic, and maybe even possibly illness-inducing, depending on what exactly was in it – poitín was generally made out of whatever materials were plentiful, so everything from potatoes to crab apples to barley has been used.However as lots of other once old-fashioned Irish products have already made something of a comeback during the recession, poitín is having a little moment itself.The comebackThere are at least five companies in Ireland now selling poitín which can be bought in pubs and off-licences, while London cocktail bar Shebeen is selling eight different types of poitín, including one version made from potatoes in San Francisco. Irish company Coomara Irish Spirits recently made the biggest ever legal shipment of poitín to supermarket chain Tesco, which began stocking the spirit earlier this year.“What we’ve seen in the past few months since we started selling it is that people are curious and that’s why they’re ordering it,” says Paddy, the bar manager at popular pub Against the Grain on Dublin’s Wexford Street. Illegal poitín is, of course, still popular but the scale of it is difficult to estimate. Just over two weeks ago Revenue Commissioner officials seized a fully operational mini-distillery – including 900 empty bottles – in Cavan.Love/Hate’s Fran, a big fan of the less-than-legal poitínPopularityPoitín is one of the small number of Irish food and drink products which have been granted Geographical Indicative Status by the EU, meaning that in the same way that champagne has to come from a certain area of France and Parmesan cheese can only come from a particular part of Italy, poitín can only come from Ireland.There are many, many myths around the drink – including that St Patrick somehow brewed up the first batch after running out of wine while saying Mass – but the reality is more straightforward.Many of the batches for sale now are around 40 per cent alcohol by volume, and can now even come in different flavours.Coomara poitín is flavoured with wild berries and orchard fruits which, Gary Gartland explains, follows on from the tradition of poitín which years ago would have been made with hedgerow berries to soften the harsh taste. “We’ve refined the taste and taken the alcohol level down,” says Gartland. The drink can be drunk straight or, more commonly, used as a mixer for cocktails or as a long drink.You’d get some purists saying 40 per cent [alcohol] volume is not real poitín but you never know what you were drinking before. At 80 per cent or more, I’d argue that it was paintstripper and you wouldn’t know what it was. We brought it down to the level of vodka and gin, which means people can drink it.He describes the drink as ‘part of Irish culture’.It’s something to be very proud of, especially for a country that’s been down on its knees. We’ve had success with Jameson, Guinness, craft beers, but poitín is where it all started.One of the big reasons why people are curious to try it is because with the danger element gone, they can find out what it actually tastes like.“The homemade version can be nearly pure alcohol, so it can be dangerous,” says Gartland. “I tried it once at a party when I was 17 and lost hours”.Read: Poitín distillery discovered in Cavan >last_img read more

Countries and UN withdraw staff as South Sudan edges closer to civil

first_imgSOUTH SUDAN’S ARMY today that it was poised for a “major offensive” against rebel forces, as the country slid towards civil war despite international peace efforts.Expectations of a major upsurge in fighting came as the United Nations warned that the situation in the world’s youngest nation was fast unravelling, with hundreds of thousands of civilians now at risk.Fighting has gripped South Sudan for more than a week, after President Salva Kiir accused his former deputy Riek Machar, who was fired from the government in July, of attempting a coup.Machar denied the claim and accused Kiir of carrying out a vicious purge of his rivals.Lanzer said the UN is “fortifying the camp in Bor, making sure there is no repeat of Akobo”, referencing a UN camp where two Indian peacekeepers were killed over the weekend.“But, as in Akobo, if there are few peacekeepers inside and 2,000 (fighters) outside, there’s little we can do,” he warned.Foreign governments, including in Britain, Kenya, Lebanon, Uganda and the US, have been evacuating their nationals. On Saturday, four US servicemen were wounded when their aircraft came under fire in a rebel-held area.© – AFP 2013Read: Rebels fire on US aircraft in South Sudan, wounding threeRead: Hundreds dead, 20,000 flee to UN bases following South Sudan clasheslast_img read more

QK Meats tested for horse DNA in June 2012 and got positive

first_imgTHE MINISTER FOR Agriculture has criticised a number of Irish companies embroiled in the ongoing European-wide horsemeat scandal.In a report published today, Simon Coveney said that certain practices by Silvercrest and QK Cold Stores were “totally unacceptable”.The investigation into the mislabelling of beef products revealed that although Silvercrest did not knowingly purchase horsemeat, it did use non-approved suppliers, breaching the specifications laid down by its major customers.In itself, it is not a food safety or quality issue but the report described it as a management failure and an “inherent disrespect for customer requirements”.In relation to QK Cold Stores, the probe found that the company had tested product for equine DNA and had received positive results as early as June 2012. The information was withheld from authorities. At the time, management contacted the Polish supplier who arranged for the return of the consignment.Further positive results were returned in October to December last year and the product sent back. The authorities were still not informed.Although QK Meats says it did not allow the raw material enter the food chain, it admitted that it continued to source the product from Poland. The department has since established that the price of the ingredient was about €400 per tonne less than the beef trimmings available to buy in Ireland.The report said, “It is clear that in a country that is a net exporter of beef products, this competitive pricing aspect of the trade is the primary motivator in utilising imported ingredients in the manufacturing process.”The firm did not explain fully to investigators why it was testing for equine DNA since last June,  other than suggesting there were “mumblings” in the trade about suspect Polish raw materials.“These facts would have informed the official investigation in a significant way and, most likely would have led to earlier conclusions on the source of equine DNA. Failure on their part to act at a much earlier time was inexcusable.”The report continues: “This failure on the part of QK Meats senior management showed scant regard for the public good.”QK Meats was named as the source of horsemeat contamination in Birds Eye’s implicated products.The plant remains under investigation.Department suspends all operations at Ossory Meats horse abattoirlast_img read more

EU to seek refund of €625000 in Irish CAP funds

first_imgTHE EUROPEAN COMMISSION is to ask Ireland to repay €625,000 in agricultural funding because it was not spent correctly, or because there was insufficient scrutiny of how the money was being spent.The funds include €397,000 in rural development funds because of weaknesses in the Early Retirement and Young Farmers schemes.The refunds also include €198,000 in funding from 2010 which was discovered to have fallen foul of the spending requirements during audits of that spending.They also include €30,000 which Ireland will repay for not reporting interest it would incur on other debts.An additional €13,000, which did not meet the CAP criteria because payments were made late, has already been returned.Ireland’s returns are among the smallest in the total package of returns being sought by the European Commission from the EU’s member states. A total of €414 million is being sought for return.Among that is €17.7 million being sought from the UK, over breaches of the Commission’s rules for land parcel identification problems in Northern Ireland.The England region faces the largest fine, with €111.7 million being sought for similar land identification problems.last_img read more

Fine Gael TD suggests minibudget to avoid need for property tax

first_img No (1003) I don’t know (244) The Dublin South TD suggested a 2.5 per cent levy on corporate profits, which would yield about €650 million a year, a 4 per cent levy on the full incomes of people earning over €120,000 a year, and a betting tax – on all money gambled and not just on winnings – which could yield an estimated €250 million.“It would be easy because all the systems of collection are in place for those levies,” he insisted.“We would not have to give anybody extra powers or tell tales on anybody else; it is all in place. The only thing that is missing is telling the story, setting it out and explaining it.”Finance minister Michael Noonan did not respond to Mathews’ suggestions when he was addressing the points raised by opposition TDs at the conclusion of yesterday’s debate. A vote on the legislation to change the property tax system will be taken next Tuesday.Mathews was one of 86 TDs who voted in favour of introducing the property tax when the legislation was passed by the Dáil just before Christmas.The former banker has had a sometimes uneasy relationship with the party leadership – last year he tabled a motion at the Oireachtas’ finance committee demanding the appearance of Central Bank governor Patrick Honohan to discuss the promissory note issue.Mathews’ proposal was opposed by the party as a whole – forcing him to vote against his own motion, in a vote in which the government was still beaten due to the presence of Fine Gael members at a parliamentary party meeting elsewhere in Leinster House.Quick poll: Do you agree with Peter Mathews’ proposals for alternative revenue measures? Poll Results: Yes (1281) A FINE GAEL TD has openly suggested that Ireland should not introduce a property tax – and instead bring in a supplementary budget to find other ways of raising the €500 million that the tax would bring in every year.Peter Mathews told the Dáil yesterday that he believed the Budget deficit could be closed by bringing in a ‘mini-budget’ – with levies on corporate profits and high earners, and a tax on betting.“Could we dare to be courageous and bring in a supplementary budget that would park the property tax and bring in three other strands of revenue creation,” Mathews asked TDs during a debate on legislation to change some aspects of the tax.Mathews said the three measures could form part of a ‘three year national recovery programme’.Do we look to the large numbers of people who are weighed down, unfit, depleted and too exhausted to carry on their work to take more exhaustion, or do we look to the stronger people who are temporarily toned and strong and can carry the extra load?To me, it makes sense to look to them, but we must explain to them the reason we are doing it. We should tell them we are doing it for three years, and that we would like them to step up to the mark with their stronger resources. YesNoI don’t knowVoteRead: Pyrite homes, disabled accommodation to receive Property Tax exemption More: Seller faces €500 fine if they under-declare value of homelast_img read more

McCarthy the main absentee from Irelands final squad for summer friendlies

first_imgMARTIN O’NEILL HAS cut his Ireland squad to 29 players ahead of their end-of-season friendlies.Everton’s James McCarthy, goalkeeper Darren Randolph and West Ham’s Joey O’Brien are the three from O’Neill’s initial panel who have not been included.McCarthy has an ankle injury while O’Brien has been ruled out for three months with a dislocated shoulder.The Boys in Green kick off their four-match summer schedule against Turkey in the Aviva Stadium this Sunday, 25 May, before the games against Italy in London, and Costa Rica and Portugal in America.The bulk of the squad are due to meet up in Malahide on Thursday morning.Derby County trio Richard Keogh, Jeff Hendrick and Conor Sammon as well as QPR’s Kevin Doyle are expected to fly in following Saturday’s Championship playoff final at Wembley.Republic of Ireland squadDavid Forde, Rob Elliot, Richard Keogh, Marc Wilson, Seamus Coleman, John O’Shea, Alex Pearce, Stephen Kelly, Damien Delaney, Shane Duffy, Jeff Hendrick, Ciaran Clark, Stephen Ward, Glenn Whelan, Paul Green, Aiden McGeady, Anthony Pilkington, James McClean, Stephen Quinn, David Meyler, Wes Hoolahan, Robbie Keane, Shane Long, Daryl Murphy, Jon Walters, Kevin Doyle, Anthony Stokes, Simon Cox, Conor Sammon. Rob Elliot is missing his own stag party for Ireland duty… but his mates are still going’42,000 morons going to watch Liverpool reserves’: Soccer Republic’s debate on Irish football gets feistylast_img read more

Former CEO of Aviva announced as the new chairman of Rehab

first_imgA NEW CHAIRMAN of the Rehab Group has been announced.Seán Egan has been elected following a meeting of the Board today.The 57-year-old retired as chief executive of Aviva Ireland in October 2013.He’s pledged to work with staff to restore public confidence in Rehab.Egan’s election follows the retirement of sitting chairman Brian Kerr.His nomination was tabled by the Board’s nominations sub-committee on the back of a selection process undertaken over the past five weeks.Egan will also assume the role of Executive Chairman pending the appointment of a new CEO for the Rehab Group.Rehab said that further appointments were anticipated in the coming weeks and it urged interested parties to make contact with the nominations committee in Rehab.Egan said he was delighted to have been elected to his new role:I have enormous respect for the work done by Rehab. I have personal experience of rehabilitation services and I know the difference that the support of committed professionals can have in enhancing the lives of people who rely on the types of services Rehab provides.“I look forward to providing the leadership at Board level that is necessary to support this impressive organisation as it enters this next period of change and development both domestically and internationally”.He asked the staff to place their trust in him and stated that he would work to ensure that Rehab overcomes the recent turbulent period for a more positive future.The position of the CEO to replace Angela Kerins will be advertised in the coming days.The next chief executive of Rehab will receive a salary of around €140,000 a year, around €100,000 less than Ms Kerins received.Read: Rehab and CRC scandals still driving down donations for 61% of charities>Read: Angela Kerins and Frank Flannery to be forced before PAC after they ‘throw kitchen sink’ at committee>Read: Here are the letters Angela Kerins and Frank Flannery sent to PAC>last_img read more

Wonderful news Ronan gets medical card back after exhausting campaign

first_imgA YOUNG BOY with Down syndrome whose medical card was removed is to get the card back.Ronan Woodhouse and his mother Noreen Keane have been campaigning for months for the young boy to get back the card, taking part in rallies and also meeting with politicians to draw attention to his plight.Speaking to in February, Keane had explained that her son had 13 associated conditions to Down syndrome, including a cardiac condition, and it costs around €2,500 a month for his medical needs.She said at the time that the situation was “absolutely exhausting” and:makes me question why is it that we as parents, as advocates for our children, have to fight for everything which our children would probably have automatically if they didn’t have Down syndrome. It’s really frustrating.She had met with the HSE as well as politicians and today came the news that Ronan would get his card back.In a Facebook post,  Keane said that she had been told that her son’s full card is back and she will receive it in seven to 10 days.This evening, she told that the news was “wonderful news” and a “massive relief”. She was told that the card will be reactivated within 24 hours.It’s been exhausting and it should never have happened but I’m pleased with the outcome. We stood up and fought the system and the wrong has been righted in so far as they have given back cards.Keane said she hopes the government  and the HSE have learned “a valuable lesson”.She also described the support she has received in the campaign – particularly on Facebook – as “overwhelming”.Though her little boy will now have his medical costs covered again, the fight for adequate resources for children like Ronan is not over.“Wouldn’t it be great if they listened to the experts and to the parents? But we’ll keep going,” she said.- With additional reporting by Michelle Hennessy. Originally published 6.20pmRead: Government “coming across as very anti-disability”, says mum>last_img read more

A Tiny Solar Powered Movie Theater

first_imgIIt’s a title I can’t imagine too many people are fighting over, at present–the “world’s smallest solar powered movie theater.” If there is anyone else out that looking for the record, however, they’ve got some pretty stiff competition in the Sol Cinema, a movie theater in a trailer that is looking to reverse the industry’s trend toward increased power consumption.The theater is run by the U.K.-based arts group, The Undercurrents. “We say any cinema could and should be 100 percent powered by renewable energy,” then group’s co-founder Paul O’Connor told AOL. “The U.K. isn’t famous for sunny days, yet [we] still manage to run our entire cinema, including video projectors, sound systems, laptops, hard drives and lights from the energy of the sun via solar panels. This means we have no utility bill each year and can perform anywhere at anytime.”The theater sports an LED projector powered by solar panels. It screens documentaries, art films, animation, and dramas–it won’t show anything overly violent or mainstream, however, so if you want to check out the new Transformers flick when that comes out, you’ll have to find another solar-powered movie trailer. The theater seats eight. It has screen 400 films since opening and is planning a 2011 tour of Europe and possibly the U.S.last_img read more

49 game 3DS video reel shown at Nintendo World 2011

first_imgWhile tech companies everywhere are packing up and leaving Las Vegas after CES, Nintendo has just started promoting its latest games and hardware at Nintendo World 2011 in Japan.Top of the billing has to be the 3DS handheld released next month in Japan and to Western markets in March. Nintendo is clearly not holding anything back as the 49 game 3DS video reel above demonstrates.While we don’t know specifically which games will be launch titles, we are impressed with how many well-known and popular IPs feature. There’s the usual suspects you expect from Nintendo including a Mario platformer, Zelda adventure, Animal Crossing, and a new entry in the Mario Kart series. Then you have the system sellers from 3rd parties including Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil: Revelations, and Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater.The games I’m excited to see apart from those mentioned already include a new StarFox game and what looks to be a new Pilotwings.Now we just have to hope all these games do appear in 2011 and that our eyes and the battery holds out on our shiny new 3DS.Thanks to Destructoid who found this video also from Nintendo World 2011 which gives us an extended view of what to expect from Resident Evil: Revelations:Read more at Joystiqlast_img read more

New Jersey Almost Sold Computers with Private Data

first_imgWhen computers from official government buildings are replaced or removed in New Jersey, they can end up being sold or donated, but an audit found dozens of computers that were shrink-wrapped and ready for auction, with hard drives that were never wiped clean.The hard drives contained personal information from sensitive government files, including taxpayers’ social security numbers, computer passwords of government employees, private judicial memos, and even data from child abuse cases.The audit spanned 58 hard drives stored in government warehouses, and found that 46 of them had not been wiped clean before being scrapped.The agency behind the audit hopes it is a wake-up call to state governments around the country to take extreme caution with the highly sensitive information it stores on computer hard drives.Via APlast_img read more

Is Adobe Flash Delaying the BlackBerry Playbook

first_imgAdobe Flash compatibility  was among the top selling points for the Xoom when Mototola first showed off the device at this year’s ces. After all, Apple’s Steve Jobs has long held a firm, unwavering position that the software just doesn’t work on mobile device–it’s buggy, it crashes, it makes everything slower. And then, after all of that, the Xoom didn’t even launch with the software.There’s been a fair amount of speculation surrounding the delay of RIM’s own upcoming tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook. Recent rumors chalk the slowed pace up to concerns with touchscreen suppliers. CNN, on the other hand, has a different theory: the delay is due, at least in part, to problems with Flash.First there’s the aforementioned lack of the software in the Xoom launch. And then there’s the bugginess. In fact, some early hands-ons with the PlayBook have confirmed those concerns. Flash on the PlayBook is choppy, just as Steve Jobs warned. At present, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is the only tablet offering the software. The PlayBook is now slotted to launch on the 19th, Flash or no. AdChoices广告last_img read more

Android 40 coming to Nexus S Nexus One and most Gingerbread phones

first_imgLast night Samsung did a big reveal of the Galaxy Nexus, while Google also used the event to roll out the next version of the Android OS codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich, and from this day forward known as Android 4.0.The Nexus line of phones always heralds a new version of Android, but it also means existing Android phone users have to ask the question, “will my device get the update?” In the case of Android 4.0, Google has been very quick to respond in a positive way.Both Gabe Cohen, Android Product Manager, and Android User Experience Director Matias Duarte, have confirmed that the Nexus S and Nexus One will definitely be getting an update to Android 4.0. Even better news for wider, existing community of Android phone users is the fact that Google expects most Gingerbread devices to get the update too. Of course, that depends on the phone you have and the manufacturer/network in control of rolling out that update. It could take weeks, but it could just as easily take months.For now, it’s probably safe to assume that if you have a phone from the most recent round of hardware releases, then Android 4.0 is coming your way soon. Other, older Gingerbread handsets will likely be waiting a little longer, but should still get it eventually.We’ll have coverage of all the goodies on offer in Android 4.0 up on the site later today, just to make the wait for the update that little bit more frustrating. If your Android device doesn’t currently run Gingerbread, then hopefully your contract is nearly up and you can go and pick up a Galaxy Nexus rather than waiting for an update.via Engadgetlast_img read more

Feeling insecure Theres now an easy button for total data annihilation

first_imgOh, the joys of personal data destruction! Hackers may love to try and poke around and grab at your data (and often do), but you may be able to have the last laugh, after all.Like an “Easy Button” from one of those forever-annoying Staples’ commercials, RunCore’s InVincible SSD promises you the ability to destroy all your data with a single click.Your peronally-identifiable information or insanely confidential company date was devilishly fiended away? Don’t worry; Be happy, says Chinese-based RunCore. An easy click will do one of two very sneaky things: It will either turn all your data in to meaningless, garbled code (the “intelligent destruction” option using the green button), or a different click will zap that SATA SSD in to oblivion by overcurrent rendering it dead, man (the “physical destruction” red button option).Don’t believe it? Check out the video, where you will quickly notice one of the key target audiences for RunCore are armed forces all over the world (though given RunCore’s red, white, and blue flag-like logo, perhaps only one major military with a huge budget comes to mind).It is particularly fun to watch the host of the video explain how she needs to step back a little right before she engages the red button or as she calls it “the dangerous part.” See the smoke.“It must be really hot,” says our under-excited host. “Wow. This is really the ultimate destruction… You can see all components including the chips are burned and cracked and I don’t think it’s gonna work again. Not to mention if anyone can get any information from it.”Other key features of this SATA II solid state drive: It boasts “Superb Ultimate” temperature ranges from -45 degrees Celsius to +95 degrees Celsius, that is, if you decide not to wipe it out by shock treatment.last_img read more

Custom StarCraft 2 arcade stick will wow opponents even if its missing

first_imgWhen playing games like StarCraft 2 competitively, strategy is important, but that’s not all that separates good players from great ones. You need to implement that strategy at blazing fast speed (usually measured in actions per minute). More actions (some times in the range of 300/minute) means more things get done — more units built, spice collected (you know, if you’re playing Dune II), and more enemies destroyed. One tool designed to help serious players improve their gaming performance is the SRK StarCraft II Stick.The SRKS2S was custom built by Mauricio Romano when (SRK) put out a call for the “ultimate StarCraft 2 arcade stick”. What he wound up fabricating was what you see above: an arcade-style cabinet, with a stick on the right side, and 29 buttons. If you look closely you’ll see that the keys make up an abbreviated QWERTY keyboard with 19 letters, left Shift, left Ctrl, right Ctrl, space, and then the numbers 1-6. There is no enter/return key, so it won’t be great for chatting (the missing letters won’t help either). It uses high-quality Sanwa buttons (the same used in professionally-built fightsticks) and a USB connection.Because it uses USB your computer will think it’s just a normal keyboard/mouse combo. You won’t have to setup any macros or install any crazy drivers. It’s just a normal setup as far as your computer is concerned.The trackball-looking contraption is actually a modified Ultrastik — in other words it actually is a joystick that functions as a two-button mouse. It was designed to give gamers that authentic arcade feel while maintaining the accuracy and hand position of a mouse.The whole build process is explained in a lengthy, image-based post. It turns out that a trackball was the original plan (lots of arcade games used them!) but it didn’t work out. Upon reading you’ll see that this was no mere hobbyist project — some serious time and effort when into this thing, especially the frills, like lighting, decals, and paint.The video above shows the keyboard in action. It looks pretty slick, but the person using it… well he doesn’t seem too thrilled. Maybe the designer got too close to his work and only sees the flaws? Regardless, you can count us as impressed!via Shoryukenlast_img read more