Coroner pleads with walkers and climbers to leave notes after man’s tragic death

first_imgA coroner has pleaded with people to leave notes in their cars if going hillwalking or mountain climbing to let others know when they plan to return.It follows the death of a mountain climber in Co Donegal in August last year.Experienced climber Nigel Robinson, aged 62, died when he fell from a cliff-face onto a rock below at Bingorm, Doochary in the shadow of Slieve Sneacht. Mr Robinson, known affectionately as Yorkie, was missing for three days before his body was found by members of a search party.An inquest into his death at Letterkenny Courthouse heard he was a vastly experienced climber but did not use ropes and was not wearing a helmet when he was found.Local man Jim McDevitt had first encountered Yorkie as he set off from his car at Bingorm, Doochary around 11am on August 10th.He said he noticed it was a stormy day but Mr Robinson did not have a lot of clothing on but did have a backpack. The following the day his car was still there and he alerted neighbours who in turn contacted the emergency services.Coroner for Donegal, Dr Denis McCauleyA widespread search involving the Donegal Mountain Rescue Team, the Sligo/Leitrim Mountain Rescue Team, Gardai and locals then began a massive search of the area.Donegal Mountain Rescue team leader Gareth Wilson then contacted well-known mountaineer Iain Miller who knew the missing man personally.He told Gardai how Mr Robinson, of Portland Road, Nottingham, had been emailing him about a particular cliff he had recently discovered in the area and was planning to climb.This area was searched and local farmer Paul Gibbons, who was taking part in his first search, finally discovered Yorkie’s body on Sunday evening, August 13th. Garda Niall Maguire of Falacarragh Garda station accompanied the body to Letterkenny University Hospital for a post-mortem.Pathologist Dr Gerry O’Rourke told the court that the dead man had suffered a number of injuries including multiple abrasions, a fractured breastbone and ankle and also a fractured spine.He said that death was due to multiple injuries consistent with a fall.Coroner for Donegal, Dr Denis McCauley, paid tribute to the various rescue and emergency services who helped search for Mr Robinson. He also appealed to hillwalkers and climbers to leave ‘evidence’ as to when they would be back in the form of a note or something in their car.“I would ask them to leave some evidence as to where they are to allow Gardai to have an idea so as to allay any fears,” he said.A verdict of death due to misadventure was recorded.Dr McCauley also gave his condolences to Mr Robinson’s wife Pat and his family on their loss.“He as a competent man who was looking forward to climbing this ridge.Coroner pleads with walkers and climbers to leave notes after man’s tragic death was last modified: March 29th, 2018 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:climbingcoronerdonegalinquestNigel Robinsonsearchlast_img read more

Four months of traffic delays expected for Letterkenny’s Rockhill Road

first_imgResidents in Letterkenny could be about to experience four months of frustrating traffic delays following the announcement of new roadworks. The works will take place on the Rockhill Road from the Old Town Bridge to the Greyrock/ Nestles Road.The planned road closure of Rockhill Road had initially been deferred after opposition was raised by local residents and businesses in August.  Donegal County Council had originally planned to close a part of the road outside Letterkenny from Monday 19th August until 26th November 2019.  Diversions were to be put in place via the Greyrock Road.However, following opposition, the Donegal County Council now intends to make an order to have the road closed to traffic between November 12th to March 5th 2020.These roadworks have been planned to facilitate the installation of a new sewer and associated works by Irish Water.A break in the works will take place over the Christmas period from the last two weeks of November to the first two weeks in January 2020. An alternative route has been designated for traffic during the works: Traffic approaching from Newmills/Glenswilly on the Rockhill Road going to Town Centre will be directed via Greyrock Road. This will lead onto Father Mc Loone Terrace and onto Oldtown Bridge.Traffic approaching from Letterkenny Town Centre will be directed via Father Mc Loone Terrace onto Greyrock Road.Objections to the proposals can be made before 4pm on Wednesday, October 16th.The full notice can be viewed here.  Four months of traffic delays expected for Letterkenny’s Rockhill Road was last modified: October 10th, 2019 by Shaun KeenanShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Virgin Australia expands and simplifies fares

first_imgVIRGIN Australia has expanded its range of ticket options  in what the company’s new airline group executive believes will be an industry trend towards branded fares and greater choice.From September 7, the Australian carrier’s “Fares For You’’ structure will allow customers to choose a range of inclusions across its international and domestic flights.But unlike US airlines, Virgin will not remove existing domestic flight entitlements such as complimentary baggage, food and entertainment. A range of economy fares starts with a “Getaway” fare for passengers who know exactly when they want to fly with increasing levels of flexibility with names such as “Elevate’’ and  “Freedom’’.On trans-Tasman and short-haul international flights, ,there will be a basic “Go” fare, for passengers prepared to lock-in flights and travel without checked luggage, as well as a “Go Plus’’, for those who want checked baggage but are prepared to forego other benefits.Business and premium economy fare types will include a premium saver, a flexible premium fare and equivalent fares in business class.Virgin is upgrading its international business and premium economy cabins and chief executive John Borghetti has said he expects the airline’s impressive new business suite will allow it charge higher fares than would otherwise be possible. Virgin Australia global sales general manager Shirley Field said the fares would allow passengers to match fares with their travel type “providing choice, value and flexibility like never before”.The scheme is similar to the “Seats to Suit’’ branded fare offering  pioneered by Air New Zealand and which has proved a winner for the Kiwi carrier. It is also in keeping with recent comments by John Thomas, who will be responsible for  Virgin’s  domestic and international airline operations, that new distribution methods showing product attributes will see a move away from buying airline tickets solely on price.“if you’re (charging) $100 more and I think ‘Wow, I’m getting all of these product attributes for $100’ I’ll be less price sensitive because the industry is giving me a more complete picture of what I’m getting for that price,’’ Thomas  said during Virgin’s recent international product launch in Los Angeles.Thomas, an industry veteran who was instrumental in introducing ancillary charges in the United States, said the US industry had realised that consumers reacted favourably to being given choice and a sense they were controlling their travel. There was also a move to replace confusing industry fare classes with the easier to understand branded fares which told travellers exactly what they were buying.“The industry is migrating to being merchandisers or retailers,’’ he said. “Again it’s this classic of I need to have the right product, at the right price, to the right person at the right time.’’However, the Virgin executive cautioned against following the US industry’s early move to adopt “take-aways’’, such as bag fees,  which had given it a perception problem with travellers.He said less than 30 per cent of US full service carrier ancillary revenue was now coming from take-aways, while 70 per cent was derived from “enhancements’’ such as extra leg room seats and the ability to use an airport lounge.“It’s about the personalisation,’’ he said. “I want to make sure I’ve got the right product so I can actually enhance the experience if I give people further choice.’’last_img read more

Overcoming Ohio’s forage fiasco

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Matt ReeseLike most every sector of Ohio agriculture, those feeding livestock are faced with serious challenges after persistent wet weather swamped pastures, killed alfalfa stands, and severely limited and delayed quality hay making opportunities.Most of Ohio suffered from too much rain this spring, but the northwestern part of the state has been hardest hit. Gary Wilson from Hancock County is an Ohio Forage and Grasslands Council board member and past president of the American Forage and Grassland Council. Like many others in northwest Ohio, he is scrambling to keep his livestock eating.“Forages are really short. Last winter a lot of the alfalfa was winter killed. I think it was a combination of a wet fall, cold winter, lack of snow, and there was heaving. People could see their tile lines sticking out like a sore thumb in the spring once everything greened up and there was no alfalfa there between the tile lines — that is not a good sign. Finally, at the end of June people were able to get their first cutting hay about a month later than normal. There are a lot of weeds and it is not the best quality,” Wilson said. “To repair those fields, several people — including myself — are inter-seeding Italian ryegrass after first cutting, about 10 pounds per acre. That is going to come up pretty quickly. What is interesting is that right now we are in a dry spell and we wouldn’t mind having a rain. If we can get a shower on that — you want to plant it pretty shallow — it will come right up. It will be very leafy. It won’t even stem out until the second year. In a month when you are out there for second cutting you should have a nice growth of this Italian ryegrass.”The incredible challenge of the record setting number of prevented planting corn acres in northwest Ohio could also offer forage opportunities, especially since USDA’s Risk Management Agency adjusted the 2019 final haying and grazing date from Nov. 1 to Sept. 1.“When they changed that restriction from Nov. 1 to Sept. 1, sorghum/sudangrass become a really popular item to plant in those prevent plant corn acres. That is an excellent forage,” he said. “They can wrap it or they can graze it, but it has to be after Sept. 1. Since there is not a lot of supply there, though, that seed has been grabbed up pretty quickly.”Another good option on those unplanted acres could be oats, Wilson said.“Oats is certainly a great forage, but they are very photo sensitive and if we plant oats in June they will emerge but they won’t get very tall before they put a head on them. We have found that waiting towards the first of August to when the day lengths are getting shorter will help the plants get a little bit taller. We have seen that seed head in the fall is many times barren because it is all mixed up by the shorter days, but that means all the more forage,” Wilson said. “I have grazed oats, baled oats, wrapped oats and it seems like you get a lot more production if you wait to plant until after Aug. 1. Oats also does not kill with that first frost like sorghum/sudangrass and with oats you don’t have to worry about that prussic acid. You can take oats down to 25 degrees. I have seen grazing oats in December and January and it is still very good feed. There are different kinds of oats. There are feed oats from Canada that are a pretty good forage. The normal grain oats are made to produce grain and not as good of a forage, but they can still be used.”Along with the many aboveground challenges, grazing consultant with Green Pasture Services Bob Hendershot is just as concerned with the problems that occurred below the ground in pastures and hay fields with the extended wet conditions.“This wet weather we’ve had since last fall has hidden some of the problems in pasture fields. Especially where we have had animals on them, soil compaction is a big issue. We’ve had ample rain so we’ve had grass that has hidden it. If you really look, there are not many plants down in there, but they are growing well so we have not really seen the full effect. I’m afraid if we do turn off dry, growth the rest of the year will be short. It will take some time to get these soils to recover,” Hendershot said. “It is not so much that the soils are too wet, it is more that there is no oxygen. All living things need oxygen to grow and we have reduced the amount of oxygen in the soils so they have really struggled to get enough life in there.“The damage to soil structure from animals grazing in wet pastures could have long-term implications.“I have been talking to producers about inter-seeding some brassicas or turnips this fall to break the compaction up and help our soils get some new life back into them. I use a lot of summer annual grasses on a typical basis where we inter-seed some as a way to get some deeper-rooted plants in the summer. There are lots of opportunities to do something but I am worried about how the fall will come this year. The law of averages tells me we are going to be dry. That is one reason I have warm season annuals out there to give me some growth if it turns hot and dry. You have to plan ahead. You can’t wait until need it and try to grow it,” Hendershot said. “I am worried about forage quality again this year. Last year we had delayed hay harvest and forage quality was poor. We have seen some problems this spring with cows and calves not performing well because they wintered over on poor quality forage. We used to talk about the first cutting patriotic hay made on the Fourth of July — that is not good quality stuff. That slows the plants down. Most of the grass plants have already gone to seed and the potential for regrowth is already stunted. We have another window here in the fall to inter-seed in pastures that are thin, improve the soils and stockpile some for grazing through the winter to ration out some of this low quality hay.”Hendershot encourages pasture managers to use caution and discretion moving forward to avoid making a challenging situation below the soil surface worse.“I’m not always so concerned about how long the animal stays in the pasture, but how much rest we are giving those plants. Manage the rotation in rest lengths. Don’t go into fields too soon. It is better to rest the pastures a little longer before grazing them,” he said. “If we are going to clip pastures we need to make sure the soil is firm enough. Our tractors cause more compaction that the cattle. I wait to haul my bales out of the field in the winter when it is frozen or when the ground is dry. I have cut ruts baling hay in the past and those ruts left an impact for several years afterwards.”Careful management can enhance the significant soil health benefits of forages and pastures and provide additional much-needed forage options.“It really helps having living roots in the soil year round. It is not like a cash grain crop where the roots are only there for a short period of time. In terms of forages we have those live roots in the soil all the time and soil biology depends on live roots,” he said. “I think the wet periods are more devastating long term for forages than a drought. In a drought, the plants go dormant and they will survive. In a wet period they are still growing and don’t know they are being hurt. The lack of air in the soil is harder on soil health. My pastures still feel like I am walking in a March field. It is squishy and the soil is oozing up between the hooves of the cattle. Managing this is about having the eye of the master. You have to look at what is going on and react to that.”last_img read more

Pakistan’s Top Doubles Player Aisam Pulls Out of India Tie in Protest Against Shifting of Venue

first_img Get the best of News18 delivered to your inbox – subscribe to News18 Daybreak. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok and on YouTube, and stay in the know with what’s happening in the world around you – in real time. Karachi: Pakistan’s top doubles player Aisam ul Haq Qureshi on Monday refused to compete in the upcoming Davis Cup tie against India, protesting against ITF’s decision to shift the tie from Islamabad to a neutral venue.Aisam, one of the best tennis players coming out of Pakistan, took to Instagram to reason out his decision and made it clear that he won’t play unless the tie is hosted in Islamabad. His post indicated that ITF is set to reject Pakistan Tennis Federation’s appeal against the shifting of tie to a yet-to-be-announced neutral venue.Addressing PTF President Salim Saifullah Khan in his post, Aisam criticised India and International Tennis Federation.”The attitude towards Pakistan of both All Indian Tennis Association and ITF is highly deplorable, to say it the least.There is absolutely no threat foreseen for Indian tennis team in Pakistan,” Aisam wrote.”However, if ITF does not correct their wrong decision then as a protest against this unjust, unfair and biased decision I want to raise my voice and hereby announce not to participate in this tie if it takes place outside Pakistan.”Aisam said he has taken the stand to “stand up for the honour and dignity of my country by refusing to accept an incorrect unjust and undesirable decision.””The President of PTF and the people of Pakistan are requested to understand my stand.”Aisam said he had faced a lot of heat in the past even in Pakistan when he played with a Israeli player and with India’s Rohan Bhopanna. He argued that he took a stance because he felt it was important to put sports before everything else.Aisam said hundreds of Indians are regularly visiting Pakistan “to perform their religious activities” in various places like Kartarpur, Nankana Sahib and Taxila and there has not been even a single incident of violence or mishandling with any Indian National.Recently, high profile visit of British Royal family took place during which the Royal couple visited several cities in Pakistan including Islamabad, Lahore and Chitral.Her Majesty the Queen of Holland is visiting Pakistan this week. Recently football stars like Kaka, Figo and Puyol also visited Pakistan.”If everyone else can come including hundreds of other Indians every day then why can’t a few member of the Indian Tennis team visit Pakistan when Pakistan has assured them of extremely high level security protocol,” he said.”They should not insult and disgrace our security forces by saying that they cannot assure the safety and security of a few member Indian tennis team. Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshidavis cupIndiapakistan First Published: November 18, 2019, 11:09 PM ISTlast_img read more


first_imgSportspersons included in the reserve testing pool need to provide their whereabouts and they will have to be available for dope testing at specified times. Agarwal also confirmed that discus thrower Seema Punia had undergone dope test recently at her “hometown”. Seema had recently cancelled a press conference citing an impending dope test. “She (Seema) had given her consent for a dope test and it was organised in one of those days in her hometown. I dont want to say further on this but a dope test was conducted on her. A dope test does not take much time and there was nothing extraordinary in conducting a dope test,” said the NADA chief who had been Director General Youth Services and Sports in Jammu and Kashmir. India was recently named as the third most doped country in the world in a report published by WADA for cases related to 2014 and Agarwal said it was not a happy situation and he would work to get the country rid of that tag. “NADA is still in its infancy and some of our procedures have been copied from WADA. As a national agency, there is still a lot to do. We also want to get rid of this tag of third most doped country in the world. We are not happy with this situation. As a national policy, we are committed to a dope-free sports,” he said. Agarwal laid out some of the targets he would want to achieve during his tenure for which he said the government would need to increase the budgetary allocation drastically. “First, we have to spread awareness that athletes should not use doping as shortcut to success. It is harmful to their health as well to their career. We want to educate the athletes regarding this on a massive scale and bring awareness so that we can prevent doping,” he said. “Secondly, we want to establish regional offices of the NADA so that it covers the length and breadth of the country to have meaningful impact of anti-doping programmes. Currently, sportspersons from the eastern and southern region of the country faced inconvenience while coming to appear before the disciplinary and appeal panels of the NADA in New Delhi. “Thirdly, we want to make NADA the hub of dope testing and anti-doping activities in South Asian region. Currently also samples come to NADA from neighbouring countries for testing. We want to be leader in South Asia in eliminating doping.” (MORE) PTI PDS KHS KHSadvertisementlast_img read more

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 first ride review

first_imgMention the term Pulsar to any auto enthusiast in the country and all of them recall a fond memory of either owning one or having ridden one. The brand, in itself, created history for Bajaj back in 2001 by practically redefining what we thought of value-for-money sportbikes. From a streetfight, to a naked sport, faired sport and adventure sport, the Pulsar name has been endowed to a variety of motorcycle body types with a host of engines available to power them. However, with the introduction of the BS-IV compliant NS200 earlier this year, there was left a gaping hole in Bajaj’s line-up representing the coveted premium 160cc segment. That is, until now. Having sold the bike in International markets like Brazil for a while now, the company has decided to now introduce the NS160 to the Indian market as well. Design wise, the bike remains distinctly similar to its bigger NS200 sibling. Which isn’t exactly a bad thing, either. The 200 has the ability to turn a lot of heads and the NS160 takes home similar honours as well. It is an absolute looker! Take a closer look and the only way to make out between the two is the bold, flashy graphic on the tank extension. The one on the NS160, shouting out ‘160’ to whoever wants to know. What won’t be turning heads anytime soon though, would be the basic-looking instrument cluster and the quality of switchgear taken from Bajaj’s parts bin. While the 160 even shares the same capable perimeter frame with the 200, what has changed between them basically, is the unsprung mass. Mainly, the swingarm, suspension, tyres and brakes. The swingarm is slightly shorter, the suspension set up for more comfort, endowed with skinnier 80-section front and 110-section rear tyres, along with 240mm front disc and 130mm rear drum brakes. Clearly, Bajaj was more interested in the go than the show. And to compliment all the go, the bike gets its power from a re-worked 150cc engine derived from the AS150. The displacement has been bumped up to 160.3cc, putting out a healthy 15.5bhp and 14.6Nm of peak torque. Transmitting all that power from the motor to the wheels is a 5-speed synchromesh gearbox.advertisement Swing a leg over and you’ll notice that the NS160 is a tad shorter than the 200, by 15mm for a total height of 1060mm shorter. Still, riders below the 5’7 foot mark will find it a little hard to completely rest their feet on the ground. Start moving and the bike starts showing you it’s true potential. In my opinion, it is happier running errands in the city than spending time in the ghats with an over-enthusiastic college student aboard. But that certainly doesn’t mean it can’t. It is light, easily flick-able and with a power-to-weight ratio of 107.6bhp/ton gets off the mark swiftly as well. The suspension is soft enough to easily waft over potholes yet, taut enough to dance happily around the twisties with hints of flex and twists. The power from the bike was, for most part, evenly concentrated. Holding city speeds or coming up to highway speeds, the engine performance felt brisk, linear and never stressed. Once beyond that, the engine can still hold 110kmph-115kmph on the odo for kilometres on end, as long as you’re ready to deal with slight vibrations through the bars. In terms of refinement, the motor is not as good as one from a Japanese maker but is certainly better than other home-grown competition. Overall, the new NS160 leans more towards the commuter segment than naked sport. Yet, given features like oil-cooling, styling like the NS200’s stellar sculpture, power to trump all its competition on paper and a delectable price tag of Rs 78,368 (ex-showroom, New Delhi), the Pulsar is taking the fight right to the top guns of the premium 160cc segment. If fuel-efficiency, a sub-Rs 80k pricing and jet fighter looks are your top priority, walk straight through the doors of your nearest Bajaj dealership. On the other hand, if corners, straight line speeds and quality of materials/fit/finish are your top concern, you may want to look elsewhere. Also Read:Bajaj introduces new variants for CT100 and Platinalast_img read more

Russian intel agency GRU accused of ‘brazen’ cybercrimes

first_imgBrussels, Oct 4 (AP) Western nations accused Russia’s secretive military intelligence unit of new cybercrimes on Thursday, with Dutch and British officials labeling the GRU “brazen” for allegedly targeting the international chemical weapons watchdog and the investigation into the 2014 downing of a Malaysian Airlines flight over eastern Ukraine.The GRU’s alleged hacking attempts on the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons took place in April and were disrupted by authorities, Dutch Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld said. Four Russian intelligence officers were immediately expelled from the Netherlands, she said.Speaking about Russia’s hacking attempts into the MH17 crash investigation, she said: “We have been aware of the interest of Russian intelligence services in this investigation and have taken appropriate measures.” The cascade of condemnation from the Australian, British and Dutch governments does more than just point the finger at Moscow. It also ties together a series of norm-shattering spy operations that have straddled the physical world and the digital sphere.The British ambassador to the Netherlands said that the men caught with spy gear outside The Hague-based OPCW, for example, were from the very same GRU section (Unit 26165) accused by American investigators of having broken into the Democratic National Committee’s email and sowing havoc during the 2016 US presidential election.The OPCW, in turn, was investigating the poisoning of GRU defector Sergei Skripal in which the nerve agent Novichok was used, a bold operation that British authorities dissected in a minute-by-minute surveillance camera montage last month.At the same time, Australian and British spies have now endorsed the American intelligence community’s reported attribution of the catastrophic June 2017 cyberattack on Ukraine to the GRU.advertisement The malicious software outbreak briefly knocked out cash machines, gas stations, pharmacies and hospitals and, according to a secret White House assessment recently cited by Wired, dealt $10 billion worth of damage worldwide.The hack and release of sports figures’ medical data in 2016 and the downing of MH17 over eastern Ukraine in 2014 also allegedly carry the GRU’s fingerprints.Dutch investigators said the snoopers nabbed outside the OPCW also appear to have logged into the Wi-Fi networks near the World Anti-Doping Agency and the Malaysian hotels where crash investigators had gathered.Moscow has issued the latest in a series of denials, but the allegations leveled by Western intelligence agencies, supported by a wealth of surveillance footage and overwhelmingly confirmed by independent reporting, paint a picture of the GRU as an agency that routinely crosses red lines and is increasingly being caught red-handed.Moscow has denied the allegations, but Russia’s interests were at stake in both cases: the OPCW was investigating reports that a Soviet-made nerve agent had been used against a Russian ex-spy in England, and Russia has been blamed by some for being involved in shooting down MH17.The leaders of Britain and the Netherlands condemned the GRU for “reckless” activities and vowed to defend vital international agencies from Russian aggression.”This attempt, to access the secure systems of an international organization working to rid the world of chemical weapons, demonstrates again the GRU’s disregard for the global values and rules that keep us all safe,” British Prime Minister Theresa May and Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte said in a joint statement.The coordinated actions by both countries came hours before an expected U.S. indictment involving Russian attempts to hack into computer systems.The Dutch and British blamed Russia’s GRU for “brazen” activities across the globe and for trying to cover up Russia’s alleged participation in the nerve agent poisoning in March of Skripal and his daughter, and the downing of MH17 over Ukraine that killed all 298 people on board during a period of intense fighting between Ukrainian government forces and pro-Russia rebels. Russia has consistently denied involvement in the events. Britain’s ambassador to the Netherlands, Peter Wilson, said the GRU would no longer be allowed to act with impunity. Britain blames the secretive military intelligence unit for the nerve agent attack in March on former Russian spy Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, in the English city of Salisbury.He said Russia’s actions against the Netherlands-based OPCW came as the agency was conducting an independent analysis of the nerve agent used against the Skripals. Britain says the nerve agent was Novichok, produced in the Soviet Union, a finding later confirmed by the chemical weapons watchdog.Earlier, British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson branded a series of global cyberattacks blamed on Russia as the reckless actions of a “pariah state,” saying that the U.K. and its NATO allies would uncover such activities in the future.advertisement”Where Russia acts in an indiscriminate and reckless way, where they have done in terms of these cyberattacks, we will be exposing them,” Williamson told reporters in Brussels at talks with U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and their NATO counterparts. (AP) PMSPMSlast_img read more

Meet The Actress Who Married Heisman Winner Matt Leinart This Weekend

first_imgMatt Leinart wearing a blue sweater.Fox Sports 1.Former USC star quarterback Matt Leinart and actress Josie Loren got engaged about two years ago. Over the holiday weekend, the pair sealed the deal. The two were married in North Carolina.On Tuesday, both of the Leinarts posted photos to their Instagram accounts. It certainly looked like a beautiful event. Us Weekly has more details:The former NFL player and the 17 Again actress’ ceremony took place at the Basilica of St. Lawrence. Nick and Vanessa Lachey were in attendance and the 98 Degrees singer, 44, got up on stage during the reception to sing Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” along with the bride’s mom. A guest at the wedding shared a clip of the moment on Instagram, and captioned it: “The Love and energy in this room was unreal ????? #blessedtobeapartofthisfamily.”Photos from Matt Leinart and Josie Loren’s wedding:Matt Leinart is 34 years old, and current works as a football analyst for FOX Sports. He is best known for his time at USC.Leinart was perhaps the most successful college quarterback in a string of very good Trojan signal callers. He started at the school from 2003-05.Leinart won the Heisman Trophy in 2004, and was a finalist again in 2005, but lost to teammate Reggie Bush. He led USC to the BCS National Championship in 2004, and a claim to the title as the Associated Press No. 1 team at the end of the 2003 season.Despite that college success, his NFL career never really took off. Leinart was drafted No. 10 overall by the Arizona Cardinals, where he played from 2006-09. He also had stints with the Texans, Raiders, and Bills, before ending his NFL career in 2013.Loren, 31, has been a television and movie actress dating back to 2006. She has had roles in a number of big shows, including Veronica Mars, Hannah Montana, Medium, NCIS, and The Mentalist.Congratulations to the happy couple. It’s hard to beat that way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend.last_img read more

India thrashed by England on Smriti Mandhana’s T20I captaincy debut

first_img Akshay Ramesh GuwahatiMarch 4, 2019UPDATED: March 4, 2019 14:27 IST Tammy Beaumont top scored for England women with a 57-ball 62 in the first T20I (@ICC Photo)HIGHLIGHTSSmriti Mandhana failed with the bat on her T20I captaincy debut on MondayThis is India’s fifth straight T20I defeat, fourth successive loss in 2019India and England will play the 2nd T20I in Guwahati on March 7Smriti Mandhana’s T20I captaincy debut didn’t go as she would have expected it to as India were handed a 41-run thrashing by England in the first of a three-match series in Guwahati.Chasing a 161-run target at the Barsapara Cricket Stadium, India were restricted to 119 for 6 in 20 overs. This is India’s fourth straight defeat in T20Is this year after their 3-0 series defeat in New Zealand.India got off to a poor start with captain Mandhana managing just two runs before holing out at long-on in only the fourth over of the match. Fellow opener Harleen Deol was the first to be dismissed when she walked back after scoring just eight runs.To add to India’s woes, England’s Linsey Smith removed young and explosive batter, Jemimah Rodrigues for 2 inside the powerplay overs.India had picked senior campaigner and ODI captain, Mithali Raj in the playing XI but she wasn’t able to arrest the slide. Raj was dismissed for 7. India missed Harmanpreet Kaur, who has been ruled out of the series with an ankle injury, as they struggled to keep up with the asking rate in the middle overs.England lead series 1-0An all-round effort from Heather Knight and Co. power the visitors to a 41-run win over India in the first WT20I in Guwahati.#INDvENG SCORECARD (@ICC) March 4, 2019Veda Krishnamurthy (15), Deepti Sharma (22) and Arundhati Reddy (18) got starts but none of them were able to convert them into big knocks. Shikha Pandey slammed four boundaries and remained unbeaten on 23 but it wasn’t enough to take India close to England’s total.advertisementEarlier in the day, England women batted with purpose and aggression and posted 160 runs on the board. Danielle Wyatt (35) and Tammy Beaumont (62) gave the visitors a perfect start after they were asked to bat first.Heather Knight took the India attack to the cleaners, striking 40 off just 20 to provide the late impetus to the England innings. The England women skipper smashed five boundaries on the trot towards the end to bat India out of the contest.Meanwhile, Smriti Mandhana on Monday had become the youngest T20I captain for India when she led the women’s team against England in the first T20I in Guwahati. Out-of-favour India batsman, Suresh Raina previously held the record as he was appointed as the captain of the men’s T20I team at 23 years and 197 days. Notably, Harmanpreet was the youngest woman to have led the India women’s T20I team (23 years, 237 days) before Monday.Also Read | ICC rankings: Kane Williamson likely to dethrone Virat Kohli as No. 1 Test batsmanAlso Read | India facing healthy headache, reserves going to be key at the World Cup: MSK PrasadAlso See:For sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byAkshay Ramesh Tags :Follow India women’s cricket teamFollow India vs EnglandFollow Smriti MandhanaFollow Mithali RajFollow Heather Knight India thrashed by England on Smriti Mandhana’s T20I captaincy debutTammy Beaumont and Heather Knight took the Indian attack to the cleaners on Monday as England women registered a 41-run win in the first T20I in Guwahati.advertisementlast_img read more