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Unexpected discovery of new investment ideas

big data era, entrepreneurial projects are numerous, and some of the unexpected discovery of online venture projects with amazing money power, so the people’s attention.

1. million dollar home page

the web page is divided into one million pixels, each pixel charge $1 that is it possible to come out, the most stupid idea for online business. But, at the age of 21. Figure (AlexTew) invented the idea, now become a millionaire.

2. Christmas mail

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Learn how to make money online shop

with the development of e-commerce, online shopping is not a difficult problem to make money. Online shop to make money skills is a must see the success of the book, Xiaobian hope that we can bring some help.

Zhang Fang said in the shop, more than and 10 SWAROVSKI crystal necklace in the web page, and each discount is half off. With my boss for net chat when reporters learned that she sells the crystal necklace is a friend sent from abroad, so the price will be so cheap. />

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Maternal and child supplies stores operating considerations

maternal and child supplies stores have a lot of business notes, if you want to do business, you need to pay attention to what is the focus of attention. Newcomers may lack experience, but as long as you are willing to learn, you can do worry free business, to learn it quickly, you can not miss a good opportunity.

A, investment location:


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Thirty men are bridge venture investment need to be cautious

entrepreneurship, for men, is an opportunity to change the life, need to grasp. For the 30 year old man, what are the small projects for investment? First of all, you need to understand your own interests; secondly, you need to understand the current market heat. Today, Xiao Bian to provide you with a few small projects suitable for investment, for men to start a business choice!

A, ice painting



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How to take the bus passengers say Zhengzhou customized bus service

in the urbanization of life, the bus is often used to travel tools, but many times we need to wait for a lot of time, people often can not wait. Zhengzhou bus now how to walk, passengers say? From August 10th onwards, Zhengzhou bus three companies for the city to launch customized bus services, that is, passengers will soon be able to enjoy the private custom exclusive service.

Zhengzhou three bus companies commitment to the community: from August 10, 2016 onwards, all in the same place or area near the same time, there are more than 10 collective travel, go to any place in Zhengzhou, the opening of the "private custom" bus service hotline, Zhengzhou three bus companies will provide the "point", "door to door one-stop service. read more

The whole network with Xiaobian take you to see the students difficulties

College graduates are now graduating each year beyond count

, the employment problem of college students has become the core problem of social work, choose a lot of students can not find a satisfactory to the business, but often difficult. "75% of college graduates eager to start their own businesses, but the ultimate real entrepreneurs accounted for only about 1.94%", which is a new data released by the Ministry of education in August.

In the "

entrepreneurship rate is low, only after the lack of entrepreneurial enthusiasm, action and other reports are widely concerned, all regions have introduced preferential policies in some areas of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, also set up a fund established students in business incubator. However, the ultimate real entrepreneurs accounted for only 1.94% of the statistics, or let a lot of people do not understand. So, the city of university graduates is how to look hard to do poineering work? read more

Ji’nan entrepreneurship promotion will achieve the four initiatives to promote the effectiveness of

in the current venture market, many start-ups young entrepreneurs continue to produce, a substantial increase in the probability of starting up, thanks to the country to carry out entrepreneurial support activities.

It is reported that
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Coffee to beat the hot pot catering industry to attract gold project

Hot pot a wide audience, has been the entrepreneurs to invest in entrepreneurial projects, and coffee due to large investment, so the number of investment projects but the two is Hot pot, who more profit?

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Socks ten brands list

it doesn’t seem like a very small part of the socks. However, if the quality of the brand is not good, it will affect the whole appearance. After all, socks always love to break a hole, especially the poor quality of silk stockings, a hook is a waste, so we may not expensive, but prices at random, don’t ignore your socks, his light with cool comfort will affect your mood, the following small statistical socks ten brands list, tell you what good quality socks.

socks ten brands list first: Langsha read more

How to open a baby souvenir shop

is now almost a child, parents are holding the child in the palm of his hand, want to leave the child’s souvenirs, so open a baby souvenir shop is a good choice.

1, investment advice: Barber after double training baby head nurse and barber, has a wealth of experience to the baby barber. read more

Jewelry store promotion form which

jewelry stores in order to gather more popularity, not only to the quality of the product, store display and other aspects of checks, but also should know some business skills, promotional skills is also very critical. Jewelry stores in the promotion of the main manifestations of the form? Let’s take a look.

1) special

There are two kinds of
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The development of nternet plus Pizhou City entrepreneurship new ideas

said the business can not fail to mention the most popular Internet business, Internet business has now entered a new period of development, from simple network mode to the network integration with traditional industries, "Internet plus" become a hot spot for entrepreneurs must think.

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How to run a jewelry store

we take a walk on the market, it is not difficult to find, the more open the jewelry store, its footprints all over the streets, the market unpopular. However, if you want to easily make a lot of money, jewelry shop business is the key to a successful shop to meet a lot of conditions, only the opportune three is complete, you can ensure sales performance, to make your jewelry store more prosperous business.

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What are the common tips for operating a snack bar

is a popular snack food, public food, with a high popularity. Different snack bar business has a common skill, as long as you observe carefully, you can not find these points. So, the successful operation of the snack bar what are the notes?


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The name of the new shop is easy to open the wrong points

as a buyer, we found a lot of shopping shop names are similar, the sale of the product has a lot of repetition, the competitiveness of each point is not strong. As everyone knows, if the network name error, there may be points.

two weeks before the opening of the shop, are selling their love of men’s women’s and men’s shoes, what.

very many recent Toms shoes, see the shelves immediately excited when the shoes over suppliers, their husband to wear a pair of.

results just shelves, it was off the shelf, but also deducted four points. read more

Li Kaifu China’s nternet is still a lot of entrepreneurial development space

China’s rapid development of the Internet amazing, spawned a number of emerging industries. Known as the entrepreneurial mentor Li Kaifu told the majority of entrepreneurs, traditional companies in the Internet vulnerable, the development opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs.

11 8 afternoon news, recently, innovation works chairman and chief executive officer Li Kaifu made a keynote speech in the British led to influence the scene, he shared his for the differences between Chinese and American business environment, and that the Internet in the field of entrepreneurship, there is a huge China the chance to catch up with the United states. read more

Yulin was hit by a bus driver who killed the assailant beat the driver

at the end of last year, a bus driver in Shaanxi, Yulin, was hit by a passenger without a fire extinguisher, causing a skull fracture and coma. The day before, the bus driver was beaten for rescue invalid death.

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Underwear store promotions need to avoid misunderstanding

underwear store sales staff in the promotion or activities need to think about some of the problems, if you do not focus on promotional activities, then certainly will not achieve the desired harvest. What are the common errors in promotion? Follow Xiaobian look at it!


investors joined the chain in the daily operation of underwear, if investors want to promote it, so it is necessary to know all aspects of the promotion, including promotion of the shortcomings of what, this is very important. read more

Community clothing store easy to make big money

to do business in the community, and the community residents to rent, but there will not be a big shopping mall is expensive, so the business can be better developed, the following small do a very successful community clothing store to introduce you.

is located in the Yuzhong District of Bayu family residential small clothing store.

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nvestment in the nail industry you should do so

now nail industry, is developing rapidly, join in, can quickly become rich! "The wizard and a bright nail polish is the main style this year, your skin white, this’ white Wizard ‘is very suitable for your skin color, you choose the style, after half an hour you can do

1 13 am, the reporter went to the Weicheng shopping mall in Wenzhou, a company called a nail like a nail shop, the mall has just opened soon, nail shop, there have been three customers in the nail. Reporters saw, nail division is wearing a mask to the customer side to do the introduction of the style of nail care. Because the shop is limited, several customers have to wait. read more