American Dragon tide brand more healthy charcoal grilled fish delicacy

in our life, there is always a demand for food. Like fish such delicacy, always attract the attention of consumers. How long the tide of American charcoal grilled fish? Good to join the project, is the best choice for our business worries. American Dragon tide charcoal grilled fish to join the project, we should pay attention to and select the!

first we look at its material and process, Longchao American charcoal grilled fish, advocating healthy diet, advocating quality of life. Selection of the finest fish fish, to the secret recipe, the headquarters of the practice research, with more than and 40 Chinese herbal medicines, in particular taste. Longchao American charcoal grilled fish, more nutrition and health is not only delicious fish, already has a very high nutrition, with all kinds of Chinese herbal medicine more nutritious and delicious. read more

Xining City achievements visible

This year, Xining once again to create a national civilized city tickets". Since this year, to create a national civilized city of Xining city to create work mechanism and constantly improve the office and administrative environment construction work group, the legal environment of the working group, the construction of market environment and humanistic environment construction, working group, working group of youth social cultural environment construction group, living environment construction work group, the social environment construction, ecological environment construction group group 8 working groups to promote a city to work in accordance with their respective responsibilities, a city the work in an orderly way. In the first three quarters of the year, the social environment in Xining has improved significantly, and the city’s achievements are visible and tangible.

the tongue more secure
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Forum on modern agriculture and new rural construction in ethnic minority areas in Qinghai

Datong County People’s government Ma Wenyi, deputy governor of Datong County, the development of modern agriculture construction characteristics of the new rural special report

7 22, China’s ethnic areas of modern agriculture and new rural construction forum held in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County of the new highway Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone Huahai Horticultural Exhibition Center held a grand.

forum, deputy secretary, Datong county magistrate Han Shengcai delivered a welcome speech to the leaders and experts, center of rural social development director of agriculture, Wang Xiuzhong held a high-level forum of speech, deputy director of the center for rural social undertakings in the Ministry of agriculture Yan Duanxiang made a study report through the general idea of the mode; Datong County People’s Government vice mayor Ma Wenyi made a special report of the new rural development of modern agriculture and construction characteristics of datong. read more

Community civilized persuasion in action

July 1st, who lives in the community of Cailang Ji Xiang Huang out, her much something — a smiley face logo, which is two days before her in the West District of Xinghai Street office "civilization, I and your colleagues" thousands of people swearing activities to persuade members of the mark of civilization. Every day, Huang Ji wears a smiling face sign, took to the streets to start work.

"master, you want to clean up the trash in front of the shop oh!" "We want to create a national civilized city of Xining, we hope to cooperate with the environmental health." When you see a roadside shop in front of the unclean, Huang Ji Ji came forward to persuade the store flagship sweep clean, and to the owner, pedestrians distribute promotional materials. Like Huang Ji Cailang civilization persuade members in Xing Hai Lu region as well as 29, some of them are a National People’s Congress, some members of the CPPCC National Committee, the residents of the area is more. The 30 civilization persuade members up to be really hard work. read more

Let Xining sky more blue water Qingcheng greener an interview with Wang Yubo

Xining will unswervingly adhere to the "mountain" and "water" and "Qi" and "emission reduction", let the sky bluer, the water clearer, and more green city, make Xining become a vibrant city, economic life, social harmony and stability of the city, rich cultural connotation, city life the comfort and convenience of city, a beautiful ecological environment of the city."

March 6th, the National People’s Congress, Xining mayor Wang Yubo said in an interview with this reporter. read more

10 new double decker bus pulled into the provincial capital in August 1st last year to meet with the

yesterday, Xining Public Transport Co., Ltd. ushered in the new members". 10 cars bearing the "beauty of Qinghai, the double decker bus joy xiadou" the latest in August 1st will be officially launched operations. At this point, all the vehicles owned by the bus company is updated.

white body, new interior chairs, user-friendly design…… Just joined the Xining bus company’s 10 double decker bus quietly parked in the bus station unity bridge.

according to the two branch of the Xining public transportation bus team captain Peng Chunkui said that these 10 double decker buses will be included in all the way to the 2 bus fleet in the city of Victoria, said the team will be divided into the following 3 buses. Double decker bus body height of 4.18 meters, a total length of 11.37 meters, each car has a seating capacity of 63. These 10 cars to join the bus fleet after the road, the 2 bus will be increased to 56, to further enhance the capacity of the 2 bus routes. read more

How to make money in the snack bar

modern life can not be a lack of leisure snacks, whether in the bustling business community or community as long as there is a characteristic snack bar, it is very hot business. However, in casual snacks such as shopping malls in the battlefield of the market in order to not only rely on talent shows itself, characteristics, to snack franchise business is hot, we must constantly sum up experience from daily management.

for snack stores for entrepreneurs, a store to popularity, the most important business integrity, service with a smile is not small, professional knowledge to remember, to create the most effective method for this project which is a food franchise success. read more

Our province has 5 Red Classic scenic spots

recently, the national red tourism work coordination group of 14 member units jointly announced the national red tourism scenic spots based on the original list, our province China Red Army xilujun Memorial, Haibei Atomic City ruins, Yushu Earthquake Memorial Hall 3 classic red tourism scenic area, new Guoluo Prefecture banma County Red Army ditch the revolutionary relics, Sea East County of Xunhua City, the ten Panchen Lama’s two classic red tourism scenic spots. Up to now, the province has reached 5 Red Classic scenic. read more

Exempt from sales tax 2 years of second hand housing sales

Second hand housing transaction tax 5 to 2, said here, the "change to the 2" refers to the second-hand housing transaction tax exemption period of 5. In March 30th, the Ministry of Finance issued a new deal, since March 31st, individuals will purchase less than 2 years of housing sales, the full collection of sales tax; buy more than 2 years (including 2 years) of non ordinary housing foreign sales, according to its sales revenue minus the purchase of housing price difference levy business tax; individuals will purchase more than 2 years (including 2 years) of the ordinary housing foreign sales, exempt from sales tax. read more