What about all the tea business investment seawall

tea to join the project, hot projects, hot market. For small business choose to join sea dike tea? The best choice for successful entrepreneurship. High quality entrepreneurial projects, it is worth joining, it is worth choosing to join the seawall tea? Entrepreneurial worries!

first of all, the choice of seawall tea to join the most obvious is the seawall tea brand advantage. Because, at present, many brands of domestic tea industry, the sea floor of the tea industry has been very widely recognized. At the same time, seawall tea also has many years of brand management concept. In other words, the choice of seawall tea to join, can help each franchisee who quickly seize your business opportunities, so that you start to shop to better tea sales. read more

The most beautiful stage colored Jersey were not changed

Auto show Qinghai people buy a car is not bad money

More than and 40 exhibitors, hundreds of vehicles of different models, and more than 200 beautiful composition models in this team, the National Day holiday, the Xining evening news show is still in a strong, for the public, fans presents a car feast. Every day tens of thousands of exhibitors, hundreds of sales results, not only to the evening show to see the public car buying concept of change, but also to witness the Qinghai people buy a car is not bad money".

  in high-grade car "xiangbobo" read more

Green development the relentless pursuit of Qinghai

in the most beautiful season, Qinghai will usher in the event once a year — seventeenth Chinese · Qinghai investment and trade fair green development in the third ring Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge (hereinafter referred to as the Green Fair). Open cooperation · green development, is still the theme of this session of the fair! Sonorous rhythm, a solid pace, the Green Fair has been singing the theme of green development, continue to attract new ideas, new opportunities, eventually merged into the development of sweet music; the Green Fair constantly highlight the ecological protection in our province priority concept, vigorously promote the recycling economy the development of. read more

North District government investment projects progressing smoothly

this year, north area according to the project location problem, take the building, building, the Justice Bureau, health supervision archives, business premises and other 3 government investment projects and the north area sanitation building and parking lot construction, project construction, the overall project construction progress smoothly.
North Sanitation District comprehensive building and park covers an area of 13045.1 square meters, plans to build 1 17 storey office building, 3 layer integrated Business Archives storehouse and the underground parking lot, a total construction area of 25086.8 square meters. The spirit of "construction project planning and construction of a reasonable layout, intensive land use, save money", to build business District Justice Bureau, housing district archives office, District Health Supervision Institute of housing and sanitation building, and the 3 district archives archives, the underground parking lot with the main project of environmental sanitation comprehensive building for the construction, the implementation of unified planning and procedures, unified design, unified construction, quality and schedule control of the "five unified" service management, the need for four or five sets of separate planning and construction procedures, take a number of departments of time and manpower in a number of construction projects, the integration of a scale of construction projects, not only make full use of the limited construction land resources, saving construction funds, but also ensures the quality monitoring of project construction and implementation schedule. The construction units to overcome the unfavorable factors to the construction of the complex geological conditions, the difficulty of the foundation engineering construction, strengthen the organization and management of construction projects, construction quality, progress, the building of 7 storey main sanitation construction, 3 layers of archives has been completed.
north area from the area of the development of space is limited, the actual construction projects for the increasing difficulty of different types of construction projects to find potential mining, construction land, with the construction of embedded Tang, the joint construction of land consolidation, "dig chimeric linkage" to solve the project construction land difficult the problem, and achieved good results. read more