first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest We’re coming along. As to what I originally thought we were farming, we have about 300 acres of beans to go, but I picked up another 180 acres last week so I have to add 127 acres of beans and have another 50 acres of corn to plant. Prior to last week I was done with my corn. It looks like we ought to be able to get back in the field and get the corn done tomorrow morning and then start back in on the beans. We can get our beans done in 3.5 days if we keep running. We may hit this new ground with the Turbo-Till to help level out the ground a little and go in and plant it. It has been in no-till and we have been doing custom work on the farm in the past so we are familiar with it. We are just changing how we are managing it now. We planted a fair amount of Xtend beans this year so we have more diversity of when we can spray and that really helps with the burndown program. That has helped us time our spraying when we wanted to do it rather than working with the 2,4-D label. We kept a close eye on the wind this spring. When the conditions were right we’d go pretty hard and when they weren’t the sprayer would sit. It is more of a challenge, especially with the restrictions we have on the Xtend program and the chemicals that go along with that but we were able to make it work. The cover crops kept the weeds down and the cold spell slowed us down. It also slowed the weeds down too, but they are growing pretty fast now that it is 80 degrees. Our stands are pretty good and we are pleased with those. The crop we have in the ground looks very good. We are in pretty good shape.last_img

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