first_imgPimm won the riding in the last election by 1,000 votes, and this time around Pimm more than doubled that total, winning over Independent Arthur Hadland. Upon hearing the news for the Peace River North riding, and the party’s numbers across the province, Pimm gave thanks to his family, noting the stress an election has on loved ones.“I have to say that my family, my wife, my mother, and my children, this job takes a huge toll on your entire family,” he said. “You’re under the microscope the entire time, and you’re away from home a lot so I have to give a lot of credit to them for the support I’ve had for the last four years, and will continue to have over the next four years.”- Advertisement -Pimm was also quick to give credit to Premier Christy Clark for turning the campaign around.“I have to say, Premier Christy Clark, we all owe her a great deal of gratitude,” he says. “She is a fantastic campaigner. The last month on the road, she absolutely won this election for us, there is no doubt about that whatsoever. She showed that a strong economy will win over the NDP and a big labour movement any day.” Despite what the advanced polling numbers said, Pimm claims he was never rattled and says it’s important to take those figures with a grain of salt.Advertisement “Poles are an indicator, and if you look at the last four provincial elections across Canada, you’ll see how the Wild Rose was going to be the governing party in Alberta right until the last week or two of the election,” he says. “All of a sudden it changed, and you have a Conservative majority in Alberta. Polls may be a momentum indicator, but that’s about as far as it goes. The bottom line is, you have to get out, you have to have a strong campaign, and we had that.”Pimm believes that the defining moment during the campaign was the leaders debate, and Adrian Dix’s reluctance to debate against Christy Clark herself.“One of the turning points for sure was the debate. Adrian Dix wouldn’t debate Christy Clark one on one, and for good reason,” he says. “He didn’t have a message. She had a strong message, she showed that on the debate, and that’s when the momentum changed around, and we felt it on the ground. It gave everyone more confidence, and everyone saw it.”Of course, not everyone who voted in the Peace River North riding will be happy with the result of the election. Pimm understands that and hopes that citizens of the riding know that they all have a say.Advertisement “I’m the MLA, and at the end of the day you represent everyone in the region,” Pimm states. “I know one of the strongest residents in our region are NDP folks. They probably got more time in my office than anyone else did. I’m proud of that. Everybody has equal opportunity in my riding, I represent everybody, and we’ll move forward.”last_img

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