first_imgWhen we learn the Art of Survival, we can be more than just puppets on remote control. We can move from weakness back to strength.Why is our Unity so important? The Grebo proverb tells us: “…. It is for wisdom that people travel together.”The elders tell us: “The reason our people fail when it comes to Unity is because we cannot handle Trust. We Trust when we shouldn’t and don’t Trust when we should.” Equally as important, our integrity is too weak from oppression to warrant Trust from those who would give it.Why are we so afraid to Trust? We destroy our own nation’s capacity to Trust beginning with our babies. When our young babies begin to listen and understand language, we tell them, “Stop crying. I’m coming just now. Let me buy your bread and come.” When, in fact, we are going – not coming. And we will not return “just now”. It will be much later with no bread for the child. Truth is the core of Trust and we lie too much to our children. So they grow up afraid to Trust anyone.It’s a vicious cycle that our children continue to reinforce as they grow older. They become like the people in power today who know that nobody Trusts them anyway, so they make false promises – say anything and do nothing. Our nation remains weak and unable to Survive – except as little more than a slave nation.But how do you know who to Trust? Do you feel you cannot truly Unite with others because nobody is Trustworthy? Then how about you? Are you, your very self, Trustworthy? If you are blessed to find someone you can trust can they Trust you?We’d like to thank our sons, Teli Shabu and Moses Bailey for this constant reminder: “If I want to see change and reconciliation, the first thing I have to change and reconcile with is ME!” Once your own commitment to integrity is made, just practice it daily. That is the starting point. We must be TRUTH and TRUST in all we say and do and it is guaranteed we will find another and another to join with us. By being unquestionably Trustworthy ourselves, people will Unite with us.The next step: teaching, encouraging, even requiring others like family and staff to do the same – all building our Unity for national and worldwide Survival.Liberia Holds the KeyShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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