first_imgThe third time lucky… If the saying is good this summer, Pogba should end up in Madrid. Once it is almost a fact that Zidane will continue to lead Madrid next season, As AS revealed a few dates ago, it is also evident that the white entity will look for the crack that opens to sign the player for whom the coach has longed for all this time. And, with the precautions that must be taken in the face of the market due to the uncertainty of the crisis, Past events say that there is a real possibility that the operation will be done. Mino Raiola’s relationship with Real Madrid is at its best and Pogba is more receptive than ever to changing the scene. If the third one goes past due, here is the x-ray of each of them two past attempts and the next one: The summer of 2019Last summer there was another attempt by Real Madrid to please Zidane’s wish. But the negotiations were affected by that bad relationship that remained between Florentino and Raiola in the summer of 2016. The figures did not end up matching either and Real Madrid had already spent a lot of money on youngsters like Vinicius and Rodrygo, 45 and 40 million respectively and, above all, in Hazard (100 million, the galactic cornerstone around which to do a new project after a season without titles. And that Pogba did much of his part when, just after the end of the season, he threw it away with some statements: “It is time to start a new challenge,” he said without hesitation.Summer 2020It must be the one that makes good the saying of “to the third goes the defeated”. The situation is unbeatable to try to sign the French, even more so now that a change in the style of play that Zidane wants is confirmed, more back and forth, now that Modric is already at the end of his career. Pogba ends his contract in 2021, so United is obliged to renew or sell it to get some profitability. The Frenchman has signed, that is, a clause according to which Uniter can extend his contract one year more unilaterally, but that if it were to take effect it could only provoke the discontent of the player and that he leave a year later. Raiola’s relationship with Solskjaer is at its worst and Pogba determined to leave if there is a knock on his door. A few months ago he met Zidane in Dubai and they were able to talk … If the coronavirus crisis allows it, Pogba, devalued by that crisis and because injuries have only allowed him to play eight games this season, looks like he will finish at Real Madrid. Summer 2016.Real Madrid was negotiating with Juventus of Turin and with Raiola the incorporation of the player, that he was the man around whom Zidane wanted to build his first project that started from scratch at the head of Madrid. At that time, although the player’s desire was to wear the Madrid shirt, his high financial claims and those of his agent ruined the operation. The figures agreed by United were later known from the Football Leaks papers released by Dier Spiegel: United paid Juve 105 million and Raiola 40 million. It wasn’t strictly a commission, his percentage was signed by contract when he took him free from United to Juve in the summer of 2012.last_img

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