first_img:10 Ok, ok the Lakers are gone, the Celtics are gone. So I am 0 for 2. But hear this loud and clear, it will be a Dallas vs. Chicago Championship. (I think!) :09 Derek Jeter said he had no problem with what Jorge Posada did. Now management wants him to change his tone because “they” had a problem with it. First of all, Jeter’s the captain so he can speak freely, secondly he can’t throw his boy under the bus and lastly, hey Yankees, you got bigger problems than that. :08 You gotta know that the spirit or better put, the “hops” of Michael Jordan was in Taj Gibson when he took off not once but twice on the Heat. And the one hand rebound dunk would have made your “Airness” proud.:07 The hockey playoffs are on…sorry that’s all I got.:06 They said they got Bin Laden’s porn collection. And you are surprised why? Every man, everywhere, at some time or another, has watched porn. I don’t care if he’s in a cave or Kansas. Oh shut-up please…you do too, or you did! (But not me, honest baby I swear.):05 There’s some conversation going on one of the local sports talk shows. My main man Joe Bendel thinks Jordan is the best ever. Now that the NBA season is coming to a close, let’s do this. Here’s my greatest of all time list. But of course everybody has one. Send me yours with your name and I’ll put the second best one in the paper. (Yes, mine will be No. 1. It’s my article). Mail to Champion Enterprises, 416 Springdale Dr., Suite 33, Pittsburgh, Pa 15235.You can’t touch this!!!1. Wilt Chamberlin 2. Michael Jordan 3. Bill Russell (11 rings man!!) 4. Kareem Abdul Jabbar 5. Julius “Dr. J” Irving 6. Magic Johnson 7. Kobe Bryant 8. Larry Bird 9. Connie Hawkins:04 We are still taking teams and individual players for the new Connie Hawkins Youth Development Summer Basketball League, Boys and Girls in middle school-call now. The League starts June 20 (call Champion Enterprises right away at 412-628-4856).:03 The question in the West is can anybody stop “Dirk,” and hey “Durant” thanks for waking up and joining the party. You delivered 39 points right on time but get rid of the back packs please!!!:02 Hey fellas, and I do mean fellas, if you want the time of your life come meet the fabulous “Diamond Models” at Morgan’s Restaurant on Rodi Road in Penn Hills, May 26, 6-10 p.m.—photos with the models and autographs for charity. Come join the fun!:01 Pittsburgh you asked for it and you got it. First Friday’s “Par-tay” the way it used to be. Old school style. Dancin’…eatin’…and drnkin’! Over 30, ID required, cash bar, cash kitchen…D.J. Mean Gee and the 50/50 at Sabi Restaurant, June 3, 7-9:00 p.m. Line Dancing 9 p.m.-2:00 a.m. at “The Club”?Health and Fitness Center in Monroeville, 1 Racquet Lane. This is how we get the party started, cause ain’t no party like an old school party and a old school party don’t quit!! Call Five Starr for more information: (412) 628-4856.-Double Overtime-If I am running 26 miles, aka a marathon, it’s because someone has been chasing me with a gun for the last 25 miles.Game Over BILL NEALlast_img

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