first_img Sharing is caring! LocalNews Keep politics out of agriculture-Prevost by: – October 31, 2011 Hon. Norris Prevost. (file photo)Parliamentary representative for the Roseau Central Constituency Norris Prevost is calling on the authorities here to keep politics away from agriculture.Prevost made the call in his remarks at the 2011 market day with a difference at the New Roseau Market on Saturday.He says the government of Dominica should take a cue from two of Dominica’s models in business and agriculture Cuba and China if it is to realize any progress in agriculture.“The revival of agriculture in Dominica will need the revival of Dominica. The continued decline of agriculture would mean continued decline of Dominica. I want to ask our members of government to take an example from two of the countries whom they have as models. This government looks up very much to Cuba as a model and China as a model. In relation to agriculture what I would like them to see is that in these two countries, where the government was very deep into controlling agriculture, they have recognized that politics was not productive to agriculture and they have taken the politics out of agriculture and allow people to lead the farming,” he said.According to Prevost, government should remove politics from agriculture and put in “some more love and some more hard resources, some more money to revive it, some more expertise and let us take agriculture to our heat once more as a country”.Prevost also reiterated a call he has made of the last 5 year for government to provide proper covering of the Roseau market to better help the farmers and vendors who struggle with the effects of rain and sun on the business at the market.“It really bleeds my heart when I walk down the Roseau Bayfront and I walk in the market on a rainy day or even on a day that the sun is really burning and I see vendors trying to pin their tends to protect them from the rain and the sun. Last year at this time I did ask the prime minister what was government doing to cover the outside section of the Roseau Market and to build a vendors facility on the Bayfront. I know there are people who would not like me to bring this up again but I have to do my work on behalf of the vendors and behalf of the Bayfront vendors and as a member of parliament…” he said.Meantime Trade Minister Dr. Collin McIntyre says the opposition’s request should be made in parliament and not at Market Day with a difference.“In terms of the critics of agriculture in Dominica, we know them quite well…most of them hail from the United Workers Party. We know some of those famous talk shows in the mornings where farmers are bashed, criticized and brought down. Based on your statements, rather than turning the blame on government, I would advise you to turn the blame on the same folks on those radio stations who are criticizing the farmers of Dominica and trying to bring agriculture down,” he said.Dr McIntyre further stated that, “there is no politics in agriculture in Dominica because when we deliver fertilizers to farmers, we don’t look for colors, we look for our farmers. I would also encourage you as well as the Leader of the Opposition to come to the house of assembly to fight for the farmers, this is where it’s done,” he said. Dominica Vibes News Share Tweetcenter_img Share Share 24 Views   no discussionslast_img

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