first_img Share 45 Views   no discussions Share Tweet Food & DiningLifestyle 5 Crazy New Ice Creams You Gotta Try. by: – July 8, 2011center_img Amy Paturel, SELF magazineCondé Nast Digital StudioThere’s no better time for ice cream than summer. We’re just wondering if our top choices – think vanilla, strawberry and chocolate – are a little, well, boring! Sure, the classics are tough to beat, but here are plenty of bizarre, even unsavory ice cream flavors out there (Baby Gaga ice cream made from breast milk, anyone?). Some restaurants will make ice cream out of just about anything (even cicadas and crustaceans). Here, we’ve got five crazy cold treats you may even want to dig into.Foie gras ice cream: We’ve seen foie gras ice cream make an appearance in LA, San Francisco, even Portland, Maine! One favorite San Francisco eatery pairs the pricey ice cream with homemade ginger snaps to make ice cream sandwiches. Some reviewers say the gingersnaps divert your attention from the fact that you’re eating duck liver. In ice cream! Others claim their taste buds weren’t able to detect foie gras in the creamy concoction. As for us, we’re still working up the courage to give it a try.Stout ice cream: Stout ice creams are increasingly showing up on restaurant menus often as an ingredient in a real beer float. After all, if you’re going to have a float, you might as well make it booze-infused.  Some chefs even make chocolate stout ice cream (who can imagine a more perfect pairing?). Againn in Washington DC not only offers stout ice cream in their Guinness float, but also serves their stout ice cream atop sticky toffee pudding. Yum!Cicada ice cream: Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream in Columbia, Missouri serves up cicada ice cream. The ingredients: brown sugar, butter and a bug (which pretty much tasted like nuts). Cicadas, of course, are the big, ugly things that dominate the summer in Middle America. That said, health officials still want to squash the idea of bugs in ice cream – even though the buzzers are rich in protein! They haven’t given a reason why people shouldn’t eat cicada ice cream, but we’re happy to steer clear anyway.Bacon ice cream: They had us at “bacon” – not surprising since the pork staple is appearing in everything from chocolate to crepes. Sure, this combination of sweet and savory raises some eyebrows. But if bacon works beautifully with chocolate, we have a feeling it will be equally yummy with ice cream, too! Prosciutto ice cream flavors are making headlines across the country (well at least in California) and even Denny’s is hopping on the bacon bandwagon offering up a Maple Bacon Sundae (consisting of maple flavored syrup, vanilla ice cream, and “a generous sprinkle of our diced hickory-smoked bacon”).Rosewater: Rosewater ice cream can usually be found in Indian grocery stores, but LA’s Mashti Malone has taken this traditional recipe to a whole new level incorporating ingredients like pistachio, ginger and saffron. In fact, the popular LA ice cream shop offers no less than five rosewater/rose-based ice cream flavors. And the idea is catching on. These days, we see rosewater ice cream on menus all over the country.Chocolate Cayenne: Now this is a flavor we can get behind. First it’s cold. Then it’s hot. But if you focus on the explosion in your mouth after that first bite, you’ll realize that it’s both! Plus, who can resist chocolate and spice mixed into America’s favorite frozen treat? That’s a recipe for success no matter how you scoop it. Even better, it’s available online at Jenni’s Splendid Ice Creams, an ice cream eatery based in Columbus, Ohio, that ships ice cream all over the country. Share Sharing is caring!last_img

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