first_imgBy Dialogo March 03, 2009 This Monday, 49 Guatemalan officers completed a course in preparation for the fight ‎against drug trafficking and terrorism. This course was given by the US Border Patrol ‎Tactic Unit (BORTAC). ‎ This team integrates the first contingent of the Intervention Air Force Against Narcotics ‎and Terrorism (FIAAT) from Guatemala. ‎ ‎“This week started with a very important ceremony for national security, for the fight ‎against drug trafficking. I want to recognize this value, that from now on you will apply ‎your knowledge to the struggle against drug trafficking and terrorism,” Guatemalan ‎President Álvaro Colom said Monday during a ceremony with the participants. ‎ The President, who closed the ceremony, stated that the significance of the preparation ‎lies in the efforts to join the air, sea, and ground forces in the struggle against organized ‎crime, which poses a threat to the Guatemalan people. ‎ ‎“I want to tell you that you are not alone, because we are working in several sectors, in ‎several areas, so the operations you will carry out will be purposeful and consistent,” the ‎President said to the graduates. ‎ Meanwhile, the drug trafficking prosecutor, Leonel Ruiz, told AFP that Guatemala is in ‎the midst of a historical moment, defined by the eagerness and goodwill for the fight ‎against the scourge of drug trafficking. ‎ ‎“It is clear that Guatemalan authorities support the struggle against drug trafficking. The ‎coordination will be jointly carried out, just as it has been done until today; the only ‎change is that now there is an elite unit to control cargo passing through the country,” ‎said Ruiz. ‎ The unit is composed of agents belonging to the Service of Analysis and Information ‎Against Drug Trafficking (SAIA) of the National Civil Police (PNC) of Guatemala, as ‎well as of members of the Guatemalan Air Force (FAG), and the Special Navy Force ‎‎(FEN), both of which are part of the army.‎last_img

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