first_imgMeeting in Saint John, New Brunswick, today, the New England Governors’ Conference, Inc. (NEGC) adopted bold regional visions for supporting development of renewable energy resources in and around New England and for preserving its natural environment. The meeting took place during the 33rd Annual Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers (NEG/ECP).The NEGC adopted the New England Governors’ Renewable Energy Blueprint, which addresses mechanisms to help advance the development of New England’s vast renewable resource potential. The Blueprint provides the Governors options for accessing New England’s regional resources as well as opportunities for additional supplies of cost-effective, low-carbon renewable energy from Eastern Canada. This includes the potential for the states to synchronize their power procurement and long-term power contract activities and to coordinate reviews of proposed interstate transmission facilities needed to reach renewable resources that are distant from population centers.The Blueprint also emphasizes the importance of a partnership between the federal government and the New England states to help promote the shared goals of the New England Governors and federal government. Both have strong interests in increasing the availability of renewable power, reducing carbon emissions and reducing reliance on foreign fossil fuel.Gov. John Baldacci, Chair of the NEGC, noted, “New England has what it takes to help bring cost-effective, low-carbon resources to the market. We have abundant natural resources, technical analysis to inform decisions, and specific ways we can work cooperatively to assist development of resources that emerge in competitive processes as the best way forward for our customers.”The Governors also received and adopted the report of their Blue Ribbon Commission on Land Conservation (CLC), chaired by Richard Barringer of Maine. The Commission’s report indicates that New England today faces profound challenges to its land and natural resource base; climate change and its impacts, fragmentation of the landscape from sprawling development, and the demand for coastal property threaten the viability of the plants, animals, and the resource-based industries that depend on these lands. The Commission calls for a high-priority, New England-wide land conservation effort with measurable benefits for the region’s farms and forests, climate change mitigation, alternative energies, bio-diversity, outdoor recreation and education, and sustainable economic development.”This is the most ambitious land conservation effort that has ever been put forward for all New England,” said Gov. John Baldacci. “For more than a century New England has been a national leader in maintaining and renewing the human benefits of land conservation. These carefully coordinated initiatives are timely and necessary if we are to pass these benefits along to future generations of New England citizens.”Copies of the New England Governors’ Renewable Energy Blueprint and the report of the NEGC’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Land Conservation are available at the NEGC’s website ( is external)).Source: New England Governors’ Conference. Sept. 15, 2009 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ —last_img

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