first_imgOver the weekend, Beanstalk Music and Arts Festival returned to the coveted Rancho Del Rio, five miles up a rocky dirt road from State Bridge Amphitheater. For the fifth-anniversary celebration of the Magic Beans annual Colorado throwdown, the band and production crew ensured that this year’s Beanstalk would be a ‘Stalk to remember, and that it was. Fans from far and wide made the pilgrimage to the Mecca of Colorado music festivals, and every musical act of the weekend exceeded any and all previous expectations.There’s a certain indescribable feeling when a band comes onstage — when the house lights drop, the music fades out, and the crowd starts howling. Every Magic Beans set this weekend evoked this feeling, which will surely propel the band to new heights for the remainder of 2017. The Beans opened their first set of the weekend with an improv space-funk jam, hinting at how monumental the weekend would be for Team Bean. There was no shortage of sit-ins across the festival, with former member and Colorado percussion virtuoso Will Trask (Great American Taxi) pumping out the freshest beats all weekend. Former founding member Hunter Welles surprised the elated crowd on Saturday night, as did Corey Frye from The Main Squeeze. A highlight of Beanstalk was Holly Bowling’s appearance, who sat in on a beautiful rendition of The Magic Beans rarity “Undercover Beaver,” which left the crowd begging for more as the last set came to an end.Fruition played two mind-shattering sets on Friday night, showcasing their out-of-this-world vocals and their versatility, hopping between folk, bluegrass, and raw rock and roll guitar solos. Yak Attack’s Dave Dernovsek made a special guest appearance, exchanging solos back and forth for nearly ten minutes with Fruition’s own Jay Cobb Anderson and Mimi Naja. Aside from the Magic Beans, Fruition’s two barn-burner sets were the MVP’s of Friday night’s festivities.Moshi Fameus, composed of Aron Magner and Allen Aucoin of the Disco Biscuits, got off to a very interesting start, with a forty minute solo-sesh with Allen. Before absolutely annihilating his drum kit, Allen explained that his companion of fifteen years passed away yesterday and that he needed to commemorate his best friend in “doggy heaven.” After an emotional forty minutes, Magner and Aucoin invited the Magic Beans bassist Chris Duffy and Will Trask to join in for the opening jam, which evolved into a full hour-long set as an electric quartet, showcasing a proper late-night at its finest.It would be improper and preposterous if Holly Bowling’s Beanstalk set did not receive some of the highest praise of the weekend. Her innate ability to masterfully blend Trey, Mike, Page, and Fish’s musical sound into one piano piece is absolutely mind-blowing, nd brought tears to the eyes of listeners enjoying her Sunday morning set. Holly’s club and festival gigs have created a favorite gathering spot for Phish fans ever since her inception and transcription of Phish’s Tweezer from Lake Tahoe in 2013. Phans across the country now have the opportunity to see her, as Holly has been touring nationally over the past year.Vulfpeck’s Theo Katzman and Joe Dart threw down a mean set following Holly Bowling, accompanied by a captivating story told by Theo. Theo explained that a friend begged him to last-minute meet her at an L.A. club and promised him that he would not regret it. Reluctantly, Theo made his way downtown and was delighted to arrive at a club with one hundred others for an improv night of comedy with Dave Chapelle. Security at the door requested that anyone entering the club turn of their cell phones and place them in a giant zip-lock bag until exiting. This is the essence that was captured at 2017’s Beanstalk Music and Arts Festival. Without cell service or an email to check, everyone comes together and focuses on the core values of what music means to many of us.Those already looking towards next summer’s Beanstalk Music and Arts Festival can take a deep breath knowing that we will be able to celebrate the Magic Beans and all extended friends and family during Summer 2018. Quoted from a festival host, “Six days ago, we were preparing for this to be the last ‘Stalk, and now we are already working on plans for 2018, not even forty-eight hours after the final band played their last notes.” To tide you over until 2018, Sobokeh Photo and Video were on site to capture the weekend’s action, and you can checkout their full gallery below! Load remaining imageslast_img

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